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Community Accessibility Design Challenge

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About This Product

Community Accessibility Design Challenge

The Community Accessibility Design Challenge is a teaching resource designed to engage students from various grade levels in interactive and thoughtful problem-solving activities. This resource is a versatile teaching tool that comes highly recommended for educators seeking to diversify their lesson plans.

Specifically designed for public school teachers and homeschoolers, the Community Accessibility Design Challenge inspires students to think critically and creatively while working towards practical solutions. It offers an exciting blend of elements from diverse subjects like STEM, technology, design thinking classes, social-emotional learning time, library time, and more.

Educator Advantages

  • The kit takes off the pressure from educators by delivering ready-to-use design challenges.
  • With clear instructions and specified materials provided within each challenge brief, students can quickly begin working independently on them with little intervention from the educator.
  • This product not only encourages independent learning but also saves valuable preparation time for educators.

About Each Challenge

Each challenge brief includes contexts to ensure scenarios make sense to students across different age groups. It outlines specifications or must-do tasks for each task along with constraints or limitations they need to be aware of. A list of materials required alongside steps of completion also accompanies each challenge in an easy-to-follow format making it less challenging for educators setting up these tasks.

Innovative Learning Outcomes

"Design challenges can help stimulate innovative thinking among young learners", as they work on real-life scenarios that you can connect back to content standards taught in classroom curricula or at home program instruction plans—making learning more relevant. They are paramount tools during times like Makerspace sessions, Genius Hour, Independent Time, Choice Time as well as STEAM classes that require some innovation.

Teachers find this product efficient during afterschool programs or camps whereby reaching educational objectives becomes fun-filled thus keeping your kids entirely absorbed into constructive activities that motivate deep-thinking autonomy over the course topics being taught— all while challenging them enough mentally not disrupt the fun aspect involved too!

A Creative Blend of Art and Science

Overall it’s a surprisingly simple solution yet intricate approach towards creating opportunities where artistry meets science and learning becomes an adventurous undertaking!

What's Included

The design briefs come ready to go with the following sections:

Context - so the challenge makes sense

Design Challenge - what the task is to do

Specifications - the must do’s for this challenge

Constraints - the limitations for this challenge

Materials - needed for the challenge 

Tools - needed for the challenge 

Steps - to complete the challenge

Tips - helpful info for the challenge

Resource Tags

Design Challenge Problem-solving STEM Innovation Autonomous Learning

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