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Controlling My Anger Worksheet

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Anger sparks are inevitable for children, but reacting constructively takes mindfulness and skill-building. This reflective worksheet helps students evaluate previous poor responses to anger and cement more positive alternatives going forward through pictures and writing.

The page features illustrations of common yet unhealthy anger reactions like hitting, screaming, throwing toys, hurting others, running away and having a tantrum. These visual cues remind children of counterproductive habits they may relate to personally.

Beside each problematic scenario, space is provided for students to jot healthier choices they pledge to enact next time they feel similarly frustrated. Options like take deep breaths, squeeze a stress ball, count to 10, or politely ask for help are prompted as examples. Articulating go-to regulation tactics makes them concrete tools to access independently.

Finally, children illustrate their own vision of ideal anger management, for example walking away calmly or taking space to breathe. These sketches become motivational reminders that discipline over reactions is within their control if using wise coping methods.

Guiding students to evaluate past anger responses and cement constructive alternatives is pivotal learning for childhood development and classroom harmony. This straight-forward worksheet establishes that interpersonal growth through relatable visualization and reflective writing.

Wonderful eye catching visuals are courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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