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Cowboy Hats, Boots and Books Gr. K-2

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About This Product

Cowboy Hats, Boots and Books Gr. K-2

An exciting teaching resource offering enriched learning experiences for Kindergarten through 2nd-grade students. This product is specifically created for Language Arts with a core focus on Reading.

Product Inclusions:

  • Two big books and corresponding little books
  • Patterns for student bookmaking
  • Interactive songs and rebus chants
Cowboy Clip Art: A fun feature that introduces students to different parts of a cowboy's attire. Cowpoke of the Day Bulletin Board: A tool designed to recognize outstanding contributions or participation during cowboy-themed class discussions.

Literacy Contents:

Big Book — Counting Cowboy, Little Book — Counting Cowboy, Big Book — One Good Cowboy Hat, Little Book— One Good Cowboy Hat. These contents stimulate children's interest in reading and enhance their numeracy skills by incorporating counting elements within the narratives.

Cowboy-Themed Songs & Chants: Included in the product file can be used during whole group instruction or smaller study groups. Student Bookmaking Patterns: A feature that allows young learners to craft their miniature books from scratch.

This comprehensive package comes in an easy-to-use PDF format available exclusively at, making it readily accessible online from public school classroom computers or hard-at-work homeschooling setups.

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