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Daily Marketplace Skills: Buying of Goods and Services - Canadian Content Gr. 6-12

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About This Product

Daily Marketplace Skills: Buying of Goods and Services - Canadian Content Gr. 6-12

A comprehensive teaching aide designed to engage students in grades 6-12 in learning practical money management and marketplace skills.

  • Engages interactive approach for students to learn about money matters
  • Instructs on understanding the value of money, starting from simple aspects to planning a personal budget
  • Involves real-world activities like calculating grocery prices and restaurant menu costs

Educational Resource For CBC Teachers:

This tool can be used as a small group activity or allocated as individual homework assignments. It helps transition learners smoothly into dealing with more complex financial concepts by offering varied forms of learning modes including reading passages, graphic organisers, real-world activities like understanding different types of payment methods.

Additional Aspects:
  • Incorporates crossword puzzles, word searches and comprehension quizzes
  • Catering to various learners regardless of their preferred learning style.
  • Every component aligns with Provincial Standards while adopting Bloom's Taxonomy instructional design model that emphasizes critical thinking skills alongside knowledge acquisition.>

The product is supplied as one PDF file. This flexible teaching tool makes lessons about daily marketplace skills engaging yet down-to-earth crucial touchpoint for middle-school students up till grade 12 pupils without compromising fun nor educational standards."Let's start inspiring youngsters about the power they hold when they understand handling finances effectively!"

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