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Daily Marketplace Skills Gr. 6-12

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About This Product

Daily Marketplace Skills Gr. 6-12

The Daily Marketplace Skills resource for Grades 6-12 is an all-inclusive guide created to endow learners with vital life skills revolving around money management. This comprehensive teaching aid surmounts simple mathematics, enabling students to understand the mathematics's real-world application in everyday life, promises to be invaluable regardless of their eventual career pursuit.

This educational tool pioneers an elementary understanding of money's worth by involving students in actual world activities such as budget planning and maintenance. Educators can employ this dynamic instrument during class instruction or designate it as homework task for individually engaging the learners.

Key Lessons Include:

  • Learning how to calculate restaurant menu prices and grocery costs.
  • Promote conscious spending habits through practical math skill application lessons.
  • Expand on marketplace skills like calculating sales tax and tip amounts.
  • Familiarizing with various payment options conducive in today’s digital era transactions.

Bent on maximizing engagement without compromising on comprehension levels, our product pulls together passages made simple for better understanding while offering interactive components such as graphic organizers, crossword puzzles, word searches, and quizzes engineered keeping Bloom’s Taxonomy principles into consideration.

A Reproducible Resource!

All content present within this PDF tool can be reproduced imbibing flexibility upon instructors in deciding how every lesson should be conveyed - making it a resourceful tool not only limited to public schools but equally fitting those homeschooling their wards too!

Potential Applications:
  • Ideal under the "Life Studies" category for subjects like Career readiness,A s Daily Marketplace Skills resources package surpasses regular classroom learning constraints to deliver practical knowledge that’s vital outside academia as well!
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