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Decimal and Fraction Benchmark Number Line Assessment

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Here’s a ready-to-go, visual assessment of your students’ understanding of decimal and fraction benchmarks! They simply cut and paste to show their comprehension of this topic. This is a great way for students with different ability levels (and English comprehension levels) to show their math knowledge: without being hampered by reading comprehension or written output challenges.

This one-page assessment includes a number line from 0 to 1.

  1. Students first cut out 14 decimal and fraction pairs (common benchmarks like 1/2 and 0.333) and determine where they should be pasted on the number line. This ensures they know the decimal value of each fraction given and how to order them by size.

  2. For an extra challenge, 4 more fractions and decimals are given (such as 11/12- that are not familiar benchmarks). Students must estimate where they would be placed on the number line and glue them there.

How to Use this Product:

This product is designed to be a simple and quick assessment of fraction and decimal conversion, estimating, using a number line, and common fraction and decimal benchmarks. Of course, you could also use it as an activity in your unit, a homework worksheet, or a math centre.

Grades to Use With:

This product is well-suited for students in grades 4-6. It aligns to 4th Grade Common Core Standards in the United States and Grade 5 Mathematics Standards in British Columbia, Canada.

What's Included:

3 Page PDF: Title Page, Student Page, Answer Key

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