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Why Extinction is Bad: Introduction to Extinction Lesson Plan (Digital & Print)

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

"Why Extinction is Bad: Introduction to Extinction Lesson Plan"

Designed for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students, this lesson plan aims to explore the critical subject of extinction. The role of educators goes beyond teaching; it's about nurturing well-rounded learners capable of understanding and engaging with the world around them. Hence, this resource explains extinction facts and causes while provoking thought on why extinction is harmful. In the current scenario where our diverse fauna faces a threat from mass-extinction phenomena, we believe that students must interact with concepts like invasive species impacts along with extinct species examples.

This lesson plan also ventures into how extinction and climate change are interlinked to pave way for discussions in class on environmental preservation.

Dual Format Files

The package includes both a printable PDF as well as a digital fillable PDF which accommodate different student learning scenarios. Also included is a hyperdoc complemented by Google Slides embracing fillable fields designed especially for the tech-savvy learners easing their transition into digital education.

Inclusive Instruction Material

  • A reading guide supplemented by video content ensures comprehensive learning engagement - whether you're an auditory or visual learner!
  • The guided questionnaires aid students during note-taking ensuring they don't miss out any vital points.

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills through Extension Essay

An exceptional feature within this plan is an opinion essay section where students are incited to formulate their thoughts on extinction - A great method that emphasizes critical thinking! Their performance in this exercise will demonstrate conceptual comprehension moving beyond cramming up texts.

Versatility in Usage in Diverse Educational Scenarios!

Suitable for all kinds of teaching modules like whole-class teaching, small group learning, or independent study! Be it homeschooling or public schooling, assigning this as homework or using it as an in-class resource - "Why Extinction is Bad: Introduction to Extinction Lesson Plan" is versatile. This downloadable zip file includes three PDF versions which align earth science teaching with digital learning making the process dynamic, interactive and engaging for students.

What's Included

1 zip file with 3 PDFs.

Resource Tags

extinction environmental conservation endangered species invasive species climate change

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