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"English Colonists Resist", US History, PowerPoint

An educational teaching resource from Innovation Assessments LLC entitled "English Colonists Resist", US History, PowerPoint downloadable at Teach Simple.
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History: USA


Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

English Colonists Resist, a 14-slide PowerPoint presentation for grades 7-12 social studies classes, supports teachers in covering the era when American colonists began resisting British rule. The informative slides combine text and images to provide an overview of key events, figures, and developments. Teachers can utilize the presentation for whole-class instruction and assign the included Cornell note template so students can record main ideas and details. The Cornell note pages promote active learning, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. This useful resource allows teachers to vividly depict a pivotal period in early American history. Students will gain insight into growing colonial frustration with British policies that led to unrest and calls for independence.

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