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Everybody Has 2 Sets of Teeth, Social Skills Story and Activities

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About This Product

Everybody Has 2 Sets of Teeth, Social Skills Story and Activities

This unique educational resource is designed to guide young children through the process of losing their baby teeth. By simplifying this frequently perplexing and intimidating time for children, this product shrewdly combines education with sympathy.

The Cornerstone: Engaging Social Story

The foundation of the product features a captivating social story which elucidates on the natural cycle from baby teeth to adult ones. Notably absent in this tale is any mention of a "tooth fairy," setting it as more empirical and less fanciful or overwhelming for kids.

Inclusivity & Customization:

  • This comprehensive teaching resource caters to diverse class compositions by offering interchangeable covers displaying either male, female or both characters.
  • The opportunity for customization exists by altering characters' names or appearance - lending an individual touch that can further immerse learners.

Instructional Activity Pages:

Included are informative activity pages acting as effective pedagogical tools while also providing fun experiences. Students given these tasks get involved in:

  1. Documenting their teeth loss timeline: Filling up details on a provided tooth chart lets students see milestones hit home how ordinary and commonly shared this occurrence truly is.
  2. Creative expression via coloring book pages: These tasks accompany lessons letting students express themselves creatively.

A Holistic Teaching Resource:

Suitable for kindergarten through Grade 3 pupils, Everybody Has 2 Sets of Teeth heralds an integrated approach covering life skills practice along with developing emotional intelligence – all proficiently bundled within social skill activities offered as PDF files usable as worksheets during group instruction or small group discussions; they may also be used as homework assignments fostering independence among learners.

For Educators:

Teaching professionals will appreciate incorporating Everybody Has 2 Sets of Teeth into lesson agendas concerning life skills education – It metamorphoses a potentially dreaded childhood experience into an empowering journey that students can cherish.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 31 Pages

✔️ Cover page with male

✔️ Cover with female

✔️ Cover with a male and female

✔️ 5 Page Social Skills Story

✔️ 3 Activity Pages

✔️ Coloring Book Companion

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