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Friendship Basket | Spring Craft Social Skills | Easter SEL Craft

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About This Product

The Friendship Basket | Spring Craft Social Skills | Easter SEL Craft

This teaching resource targets and nurtures students' social emotional learning skills from preschool to grade 3. Its primary focus is to foster positive friendships through character-building activities.

Scope of the Activity

The activity aims to instill values of kindness and sharing among young students. The methodology fosters this learning by encouraging reflection on actions that manifest these qualities. It can be used in several ways, either during group activities in schools or as a homework assignment that involves parental participation.

Main Feature: The Creative Headings

The PDF contains four creative headings addressing friendship qualities – all themed around spring harvest baskets! Each statement - ‘I am an eggcellent friend’, ‘I am eggcited to show kindness’, 'My Friendship Qualities', and 'I can be a good friend', reinforces lessons on respect for other's unique personality traits.

  • I am an eggcellent friend
  • I am eggcited to show kindness
  • My Friendship Qualities
  • I can be a good friend

Bonus Features: Pre-filled Eggs & Blank Eggs

Included are twelve pre-filled eggs bearing traits such as being funny or nice — key factors in deep friendships building. Blank eggs are provided for further artistic exploration of behaviours based on these traits.

Aesthetics with Purpose! Tactile & Visual Learning Combined!

This resource doubles up as an attractive spring-themed display adding vibrancy to bulletin boards apart from being a medium for communicating valuable social skills.


The Friendship Basket | Spring Craft Social Skills | Easter SEL Craft, extends its goals from holiday-associated teachings to nurturing valuable life skills in children. Used either at home or in school, individually or as a group activity, the resource stimulates conversation about empathy, respect, and tolerance – pillars of everlasting friendships.

What's Included

A PDF with 14 pages.

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friendship skills social emotional learning spring craft Easter craft character-building

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