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Winter Feelings Mats | Christmas Feelings Board | Play Doh Mats | Coping Skills for Kids

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About This Product

Winter Feelings Mats | Christmas Feelings Board | Play Doh Mats | Coping Skills for Kids

This is an educational resource designed to aid in the emotional development of young children. It is perfect for early learning, preschool, first and second-grade settings. These Feeling Mats encourage hands-on engagement while learning about emotions. They can be used in teaching contexts like centers, morning work sessions, brain breaks or special education programs.

The interactive nature of these mats helps pupils to identify 12 basic emotions:

  • Happy
  • Mad
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Worried
  • Excited
  • Loved
  • Silly
  • Frustrated
  • Proud
  • \

    If laminated,To mat life expectancy can be extended tremendously! This makes them dry-erase marker and play-doh friendly.

    Their unique features make them suitable visual tools for a Calm Down Corner or a bulletin board decoration. These boards can also serve as communication aids during Circle Time - teachers may hold up each board to spark collective discussion.

    Creative applications include creating mood flashcards by cutting out these Mats from their original framework and using them in various drills or games. Each mat poses unique questions tied directly to specific feelings - giving teachers ample room for improvisation according to classroom dynamics.

    Counselors, Teachers & Speech Pathologists:

    These resources are directly linked with Social Emotional Learning domain that benefits not only classroom teachers but school counselors too! Speech-language pathologists may find this tool useful while guiding students on emotional understanding with activities personally curated.


    The Winter Feelings Mats offer educators a practical solution to promote early emotional recognition amongst learners through engaging hands-on tools. These mats serve as an invaluable asset for teachers, counselors, and home-schooling parents alike.

What's Included

Included Resources

Winter Theme Penguins and Christmas Trees

-Feelings Charts

-Draw in the Feeling mats

-Use Play-Doh to make the feelings mats

-12 Play Doh/Marker Mats with To-Do questions

Example of "To Do" questions for sad...

Name a time you were sad..

What do you do when you are sad?

How can you feel better?

Name a person you can talk to.

Example of "To Do" questions for proud...

Name a time you felt proud of yourself.

Who did you tell about it?

Name something new you want to learn.

How will you learn this new thing?

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