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Fun, Unwanted, or Hurtful Teasing Boom Deck Plus Handout

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Life Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Fun, Unwanted, or Hurtful Teasing Boom Deck Plus Handout

This is a complete package aimed at aiding teaching professionals in tackling the critical issue of teasing. It is uniquely designed for use within grade 3 to grade 8 classrooms.


  • The product boasts six informative cards that sketch clear borders between fun, unwanted and hurtful teasing. Every card has precise scenarios about each type of teasing to help students understand these variations better.
  • To spark engagement among learners this toolkit offers twenty-four interactive playing cards. Students are required to classify different situations as either fun, unwanted or hurtful teasing. This feature provides immediate reinforcement and promotes hands-on learning that triggers thoughtful class discussions.
  • The deck aligns seamlessly with read-aloud sessions from books like 'Just Kidding' by Trudy Ludwig and similar ones touching on the theme of teasing - this versatility allows its application in varied instructional settings including whole group lessons and small group activities.

Digital Accessibility

An added bonus of this resource rests upon its web-based nature – all you need is an internet connection & access via common browsers like Chrome, Safari Firefox & Edge – enhancing its applicability across diverse learning environments be it a physical classroom or virtual instruction from home. Furthermore, it empowers learners with key life skills like respecting personal boundaries during interactions. Indeed Fun Unwanted or Hurtful Teasing Boom Deck Plus Handout remains invaluable in molding well-rounded individuals who value thoughtful communication paramount – extending beyond the classroom setting.

What's Included

A 2 page PDF that you can click on the image and it will access the Boom deck. Plus a PDF handout reflection.

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