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Give-One-Get-One: Instructional Strategy Card & Template

An educational teaching resource from Sheltered Language Resources entitled Give-One-Get-One: Instructional Strategy Card & Template downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Trying to figure out how to help ELL students in your classroom?

This free sample of a sheltered instructional strategy card is great for both ELLs and native English speakers. Sometimes people also refer to these types of strategies as SIOP strategies.

These sheltered strategies can be used in any content area and, with minimal prep (10 minutes or less), can be implemented immediately in your classroom. All of them target academic vocabulary and content acquisition and also incorporate student interaction. They also incorporate sheltered language acquisition strategies to focus on student language development using reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The strategy included in this free sample resource is:

Give-One-Get-One: An interactive activity that gets students up and moving to collect ideas from their peers.


These strategies are printed 2 to a page, with simple directions so you can read them and implement them right away. You can print them and use them as they are, or you might prefer to cut them into ½ pages and organize them using a ring to make a flip book, staple them together, or place them in a container to store them. You could print the pages double sided to cut down on printing.

Each strategy card has the following information:

•Strategy Name

•Estimated Prep Time

•Estimated Activity Time

•Why use this strategy?

•How it works

•Or you could...

•Materials needed

Bonus Resource Included

One ready-to-print template to use with Give-One-Get-One

What's Included

1 PDF file.

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