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Hands Off Harry by Rosemary Wells Book Extension Game and Handout

Hands Off Harry by Rosemary Wells Book Extension Game and Handout
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About This Product

This game is meant to be an extension activity after reading Hands Off Harry By Rosemary Wells. You don't have to read the story but it is a great extension after reading the book to your class. This is a game in which students choose a card with a picture that represents respecting personal space or not. There are 20 picture cards for students to select. No reading is required of the students to play this game. The instructions for the game are on the game board. Simply print off the number of game boards and cards you wish to use based on the number of student groups. Cut each card out. When a player lands on the alligator, they choose a card. They can create two piles, one pile of disrespectful personal space and another pile for respectful personal space. When they land on a hand picture, they can share something they can do to share, be kind or helpful with their hands. You will need enough dice for each group as well as game pieces for them to use as they move around the board. I would highly recommend using large ziplock bags to keep each game board and card with enough dice and game pieces for ease in class management. Laminate game board and cards for durability. There is also a reflection handout for students to draw themselves within a personal space bubble.

What's Included

A Powerpoint presentation with the game board, cards and reflection sheet.

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