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Hands Off Harry by Rosemary Wells Book Extension Game and Handout

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About This Product

Hands Off Harry by Rosemary Wells Book Extension Game and Handout

As educators, fostering a safe, respectful environment is pivotal in nurturing caring, considerate individuals. The Hands Off Harry by Rosemary Wells Book Extension Game and Handout provides a fun, interactive platform to extend learning about personal space and respect.

The Gameplay

  • The game comes with easy-to-follow instructions on the board itself.
  • The students choose from 20 picture cards depicting interactions that either respect or disregard personal space boundaries.
  • This choice leads them on a journey around the game board--with each move fostering conversation and insight surrounding respectful behavior.

Note: Prior reading of Hands Off Harry by Rosemary Wells isn't mandatory though it seamlessly complements as an extension activity post-read. The strategy removes heavy reading requirements from the gameplay better allowing focus on discussions regarding kindness & respectfulness.

Implementation Methods

This resource can be implemented in your classroom via:

  1. Whole-group teaching under Interactive whiteboard projection: A large-scale team-implemented learning experience directly integrating digital technology use amplifying interactivity levels – thus aptly suited for early learners through Grade-1 targets.
  2. An assigned small group activity promoting teamwork cooperation: Fosters interpersonal skills while cultivating empathetic understanding regarding respecting personal spaces - highly conducive for active SEL development.
  3. Solo Reflection Homework assigned post-activity: A take-home task requiring students to translate their learnings into real-life application through imaginative self-portrayal within individual 'personal space bubbles'. A 'courtesy reflection' handout is provided to assist creative interpretation.

The Game-Meets-Literacy Book Companion

Throughout the gameplay - players interacting with uplifting hand images are given opportunities to share ideas related to what kind acts they can do using their hands. This creates opportunities for positive affirmative discussions amongst peers while reinforcing SEL concepts via the repetition loop embedded in game mechanics, thereby ensuring a good grasp over respecting personal space.

Tips for Use & Convenience

  • All components are easily downloadable as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, providing instant accessibility combined synergy with print-ready convenience. Simply printing out board prints, handouts & cards makes preparation breezy.
  • To enhance fun-factor – consider supplementing dice and individual game-piece accompaniments ideally serving offerings of tailored SEL immersion experiences for immersive learner engagements.

What's Included

A Powerpoint presentation with the game board, cards and reflection sheet.

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