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3 Types Of Respect SEL Boom Cards With Audio Plus Handout

3 Types Of Respect SEL Boom Cards With Audio Plus Handout
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About This Product

3 Types Of Respect SEL Boom Cards With Audio Plus Handout

This invigorating educational tool aids teachers from preschool to grade 2 in instilling an understanding of the concept of respect in their students. It elaborates on three essential types of respect: self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the school.

  • The resource comprises five tutorial cards and twenty-four task cards, simplifying complex concepts for younger learners.
  • The informative content is accompanied by audio support, which makes this resource usable irrespective of reading abilities.
  • Multicultural representation featured on each card promotes inclusivity and diversity, aiding students' personal identification with the lessons.

Reflection handouts-Crafted to underline core concepts learned during interactive sessions. These handouts can be used within small group formations at school or as individual homework assignments away from a conventional classroom setting.

Note:This tool operates exclusively online; available across several modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) as well as on Android devices, iPads, iPhones and Kindle Fire through official applications.

Mention-worthy features include:

  • In-classroom teaching methodologies functionality.
  • Versatility in public home-schooling scenarios.
  • Inbuilt monitoring capabilities like Fast Pins that provide real-time feedback promoting self-assessment among students
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Note:A Boom Learning account is required which protects premium standards; optional premium purchase opens doors towards detailed student progress reports.

If you're new to Boom Learning's platform explore at for free trials aimed at enriching your teaching toolkit promoting core social emotional skilling modules, matching globally established pre-primary educational frameworks.

What's Included

An engaging Boom deck-just click on the image on the first PDF. There is also a handout.

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