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Hearing Versus Listening SEL Lesson

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About This Product

In this Hearing VS. Listening lesson, students will understand that hearing is a passive skill whereas listening is a more active social skill. There are descriptions of the differences between the two with a slide for students to guess 6 sounds (answers are in the slide notes) -this is highly engaging for students. Then students will do an activity with partners to listen and follow instructions, ask questions, and listen to feedback about a drawing activity (drawings A and B are on slides 8 and 9). This is a great lesson to teach the skills of listening and to reference in the future when students need to be reminded of the key elements of listening versus just hearing. This is also a great preview for students to practice role-playing about how to listen to one another.

What's Included

An engaging lesson about the differences between hearing and listening. This is a PowerPoint presentation with audio files (6) and activities for partners.

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