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I Spy Friends! An SEL I Spy Activity

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

I Spy Friends! An SEL I Spy Activity

An enriching resource, the 'I Spy Friends! An SEL I Spy Activity' is an engaging and interactive worksheet designed for Kindergarten, first grade and second grade students. Centred around the theme of friendship, it serves as a useful tool in social-emotional learning curriculum.

Activity Overview

  • Kids must carefully observe a layout filled with images of friends'.
  • Then, they must count each instance where they spot a friend's face.
  • Bolsters visual processing skills along with perception and recognition abilities.

The participants are consequently familiarized with facial recognitions. Seamlessly synergising with lessons on friendship or SEL themes this task helps to foster camaraderie among peers whilst solidifying significant lessons from these concepts.

Versatility in Usage

  • Fits well during whole group activities leading to collaborative learning experiences.
  • Can be incorporated into small group interactions or pair-work sessions allowing learners intrinsic reflection time
  • Homeschoolers can also creatively discuss friendships and social emotional wellness using this activity.
  • Serves as homework that continues the practice of understanding SEL outside classroom.

'I Spy Friends! An SEL I Spy Activity' comes in PDF format along with corresponding answer sheets that allow straightforward self-check possibilities for dedicated learners . Not only does it make educators job easy when reviewing submitted work but also ensures comprehensive understanding by all participants.

'I Spy Friends! An SEL I Spy Activity': A practical educational resource aimed at developing both heart and mind of young eager learners.A tool towards becoming more perceptive observers cooperative participants empathetic friends

What's Included

One worksheet and one answer sheet.

Resource Tags

social-emotional learning friendship observation skills perception recognition

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