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Better Than You by Trudy Ludwig SEL Companion Lesson

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Better Than You by Trudy Ludwig SEL Companion Lesson

As a valuable teaching resource, the Better Than You by Trudy Ludwig SEL Companion Lesson is specifically designed to help educators facilitate fun and engaging reinforcement activities centered around Trudy Ludwig's acclaimed book. This product, crafted for students at the grade 3-5 level, can be utilized seamlessly in a standard public school setting or in a homeschooling environment.

Activities Incorporated

  • Decoding a quote from the book via sign language
  • Navigating through a friendship tip message maze
  • Contemplating real-life scenarios with "What would you do?" exercises
  • Differentiating between bragging or sharing during interactive discussions.
  • Creativity trigger - Coloring a representation of one of the book's characters -a pufferfish.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Elements

This lesson also incorporates crucial social emotional learning (SEL) elements. By addressing behaviors that either pull friends close or push them away gives students critical insights into their own behavior while teaching them to identify these social patterns in others as well.

All educational materials are straightforwardly assembled and presented in an easily accessible Microsoft PowerPoint format ensuring educators can effortlessly integrate these resources into their curriculum without any technical hassles.


Educators may choose how best these extensions fit into their teaching style and situation – perhaps setting up six stations throughout your classroom where students move to each station every five minutes works best for whole class instruction. Alternatively they might fit better as small group settings focusing on specific skills within each activity or even as homework assignments enabling continuous learning beyond the classroom environment.

The Final Word

In essence, Better Than You by Trudy Ludwig SEL Companion Lesson isn't just about reading comprehension; it offers students an enriched learning environment that bolster key life skills such empathy, friendship management along with improving cognitive dexterity all wrapped under an enjoyable educational experience.

What's Included

6 Different Extension Activities.

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