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Kindergarten Book Report Templates for Winter Holiday

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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Discover four unique Holiday or Winter-themed booklets in this resource, each accompanied by comprehension strategies or elements. (main idea, sequencing, setting, character)


Each booklet contains a total of 4 pages for students to enjoy independently or with the teacher's guidance.

If your students are reading independently these engaging book report templates will work great in your Holiday Centers.


Tip: Simply print the four pages, fasten them with a staple along with the cover on top, and let students cut out all 4 pages simultaneously. This easy process gets their booklets ready in no time!


Explore the optional lesson plan, perfect for reading sessions with your students. Don't forget to browse through some of our favorite books listed in the thumbnails that pair ideally with these templates.


Objective - Students will be able to identify an element in a story. (main idea, setting, character, & sequence)

Materials - scissors, stapler, colored pencils/crayons, pencil, eraser, winter/holiday themed books, and booklet pages.

Monday - Introduce the element. Use a short storybook to demonstrate the element. If you haven't introduced Title and Author this is a great time to do so.

Tuesday - Review the element. Review the title and author. Reread a story from the day before for students to identify the element. Direct the students to help you write a sentence about the story/element. Have students copy it to paper.

Wednesday -. Read a story that matches the element in the booklet you will use. (mitten, penguin, gift, stocking) Allow the students to discuss the identity of the element. Have them write their own sentence on paper.

Thursday - Reread the story from Wednesday. discuss the element again discuss the title and author pass out the 4 pages stapled together for students to cut. create the booklet and walk students through the pages of the booklet (students who need more time can finish on Friday.

Friday - Complete the booklet. Pass out exit tickets to identify the element learned. (you can write the 4 elements on the board for students to choose from)

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