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Let's Identify Emotions! An SEL Deck With Audio

Let's Identify Emotions! An SEL Deck With Audio
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About This Product

Title: Let's Identify Emotions! An SEL Deck With Audio: A Review Let's Identify Emotions, an interactive deck-based teaching tool, is targeted at elementary level educators. Closely considering socio-emotional learning (SEL), this resource guides students in understanding 31 unique emotions. Main Features:
  • An integrated auditory and visual approach designed for inclusive education characterized by culturally diverse imagery.
  • A focus on empathy enhancement through tasks involving identifying emotions depicted through pictures of people.
  • An option for personalization where students can express their current feelings via sketches which can be shared in a classroom or at home context, inducing imagination and emotional self-awareness.
*-Note:* One notable aspect about 'Let's Identify Emotions!' is its inclusion of audio support on each card facilitating non-readers or emerging readers thereby making the tool accessible from preschool to Grade 4. The progressive pedagogical strategies results in immediate feedback when coupled with Fast Pins for self-grading.
(Requires internet connectivity and adult account registration to ensure student data privacy).
  1. Suitable for whole group instruction or small collaborative tasks due to its dynamic model promoting differentiated learning appealing all types of learners within your classroom community or homeschool environment.
  2. Fosters holistic development by teaching life-skills like recognizing feelings and emotions hence nurturing young learners into emotionally expressive individuals capable of empathizing with others' feelings more effectively.
To conclude, Let's Identify Emotions! presents a user-friendly interface that helps little scholars navigate the intricate world of human emotions better. It is highly recommended as a handy addition to varied teaching strategies formulated aiming towards developing well-rounded individuals.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in image.

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