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SEL Boom Cards! What Is The Size Of The Feeling? With Audio

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About This Product

In this SEL Boom Deck, students will learn about the different sizes (intensity levels) of their feelings. One of the introduction slides uses the analogy of peppers that are mild, medium and hot so students can understand it is about the internal intensity levels they feel. There is a cute cat and dog that show different levels to anger and happy. There are 2 other slides that show the 3 degrees for scared and sad.

There are 24 playing cards that follow and here are some of the examples that are in this deck; a child is unhappy with dinner and cries, a girl falls down and hurts herself, a boy is annoyed with someone hogging the drinking fountain, 2 brothers mad at each other for not getting to go to dinner because they argued, a boy napping on a couch, a girl reading contentedly, a boy and his family looking at space through. a telescope, a boy bothered because his friend did not want to play what he wants to play, a girl feeling scared about performing in a play and many more examples. They are all child friendly and young students can relate to them. You can utilize this product as a whole classroom lesson, a small group, centers, or an individual counseling lesson. This product is related to the CASEL Framework goals of self-awareness and self-management. Discussion around what to do with a really BIG feeling can enhance this Boom Deck and asking students to think of different strategies will also offer them tools when they are experiencing BIG feelings.

The dog and cat (Koko and Ginger) are also featured in a different product addressing the size of feelings. You can find that product here:

For terms of use for Boom Cards, click on the link here to read them.

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