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Letter A Alphabet and Picture Cards for the Pocket Chart

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About This Product

This Letter A Alphabet and Picture Cards for the Pocket Chart is a great resource for students to learn or practice associating the letter A with thing that begin with the same letter A.

This pocket chart activity is suitable for preschool and kindergarten students who are learning to recognize the letter A in its capital and lowercase forms, learning the initial sounds of the letter A, as well as students learning to distinguish between the long A and short A sounds at the beginning of a word.

What is Included

  • * 12 Letter A cards in different fonts in color

  • * 12 Letter A cards in black and white

  • * 8 Picture cards for the short A sound

  • * 4 Picture cards for the long A sound

How to Use

  • * Pocket Chart Activity

  • * Concentration Game

  • * Memory Game

    When using the cards with a pocket chart, the following activities can be done: sorting the capital and lowercase letters, sorting pictures that begin with the short A sound from pictures that begin with the long A sound, combine with other letters to distinguish between beginning sounds. These activities can be done in a variety of locations and ways in the classroom, including those listed below.

When to Use

  • * Literacy Center Activity

  • * Morning Tub or Basket Activity

  • * Early Finisher Activity

  • * Small Group Lesson

  • * Whole Group Lesson

    Skills Assessed

  • * Letter recognition

  • * Beginning Sounds

  • * Distinguishing between long and short vowel sounds

  • * Distinguishing between capital letters and lowercase letters

These letter and picture cards are a low prep activity that provides numerous ways to practice letter recognition and beginning sounds. Students will enjoy using the cards in a variety of different ways.

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What's Included

A PDF with 6 pages.

Resource Tags

Letter A Alphabet Cards Letter A Cards Beginning Sounds Matching Game Initial Sounds Pocket Chart Cards Alphabet Pocket Chart Activity Concentration Game Alphabet Activity

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