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Letter J Pocket Chart Cards

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About This Product

Letter J Pocket Chart Cards Use these letter J cards with pictures in a pocket chart for a fun phonics activity. This set contains uppercase and lowercase letter J's in various fonts, plus picture cards showing items starting with J like jam, jacket, jellybeans, and more. Students will enjoy matching the cards, playing memory games, distinguishing capital and lowercase J's, and identifying pictures with the J sound. Sort the cards in multiple ways to recognize letters, match initial sounds, and compare upper and lower case. These versatile letter J cards work for individual, small group, or whole class activities. Use them in literacy centers, morning tubs, as early finishers, or during small and whole group lessons. The cards allow teachers to assess letter recognition, beginning sounds, and capital versus lowercase letter skills. With little prep involved, these letter and picture cards provide engaging phonics practice for preschoolers and kindergarteners learning the letter J.

What's Included

This product contains a PDF with the following

* 12 Letter J cards in different fonts in color

* 12 Letter J cards in black and white

* 12 picture cards for the initial /j/ sound

Resource Tags

Letter J Letter J Activities Beginning Sounds Initial Sounds Initial /j/ Sound Alphabet Activity Alphabet Game Pocket Chart Activity Pocket Chart Game Letter of the Week

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