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Mindfulness Breathing Coloring Pages for Self-Regulation Great for Calming Corners

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About This Product

Are you looking for a fun way to help teach your children mindful breathing techniques? This product includes 10 SUPER FUN unique spiral shapes coloring pages children will love practicing controlled breathing as they trace along the spirals with the fingers while they inhale through their noses to smell the flowers and exhale through their mouths to blow out the candles. This product is great for calming corners and teaching children valuable self-regulation skills!

This resource is great for:

⭐ Calming Corners

⭐ Mindful Moments

⭐ Brain Breaks

⭐ Circle Time Activities

⭐ Sensory & Movement Breaks

⭐ Calming Strategies or De-Escalation Plans

⭐ Transitions

⭐ Morning Group Time

⭐ Rainy Day Activities

⭐ Calm-Down Time

Emotional & Mental Benefits of Mindfulness:

❤️ Helps Steady Emotions, Reduce Anxiety & Stress

❤️ Teaches Self-Regulation & Calming Techniques

❤️ Helps with Self-Discipline & and to Reduces Impulsivity

❤️ Helps Children Manage their Anxiety

❤️ Aides in Developing Emotional Regulation Skills

❤️ Enhances Children’s Memory & Concentration

❤️ Teaches Children to get Better in Touch with their Thoughts & Feelings

❤️ Enhances the Ability to Listen & Communicate Efficiently

❤️ Improves Attention Spans & Helps Children Learn to Focus

❤️ Teaches Children to be Present in the Moment and on their Current Tasks

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What's Included

10 Different Breathing Exercise Coloring Pages

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