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Roller Coaster Mindful Breathing Activity Poster Great for Classroom Decor and Calming Corners

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About This Product

The Roller Coaster Mindful Breathing Activity Poster is a colorful and engaging tool to teach children valuable self-regulation techniques. This soothing rainbow-themed poster guides students through a "roller coaster" breathing exercise to promote mindfulness and self-control. Children will love riding the ups and downs of the roller coaster while learning to regulate their emotions. This poster enhances classroom decor and is perfect for establishing calming corners. It can be used in centers, whole group lessons, or small group guidance sessions. Suitable for pre-K through 5th grade classrooms, the poster provides an imaginative way for young learners to build focus, resilience, and coping skills. Whether at school, home, or in therapeutic settings, the Roller Coaster poster helps cultivate self-regulation through creative visualization and breathwork. The non-editable JPEG file is visually appealing while remaining straightforward for educators to implement. Empower your students by adding the vibrant and calming Roller Coaster Mindful Breathing Activity Poster to your learning space today!

What's Included

One Zipped Folder with following high-resolution 300 DPI JPG files:

✨ 5 x 7

✨ 8.5 x 11

✨ 11 x 14

✨ 16 x 20 (can be sized down to 8 x 10)

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