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Rainbow Spirals Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activities Great for Calming Corners and Classroom Decor

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About This Product

Rainbow Spirals Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activities offers a creative and practical approach to introducing relaxation techniques in the classroom. Ideal for early learning stages through to grade 5, these activities promote social emotional learning, an integral part of children's overall wellbeing.

Included within this resource are 12 unique rainbow-colored abstract shapes. These vibrant visuals allow students of all backgrounds to engage in mindful breathing exercises by tracing the patterns with their fingers. Students can practice inhaling deep through their nose following one side of the shape, while exhaling slowly via their mouth along the other side.

  • - Simple designs suitable for young learners
  • - More complex patterns that may appeal to older students

This versatile aid encourages development of essential self-regulation skills through structured breathing exercises.

Beyond Breathing Exercises...

The product doubles as an aesthetic addition to classroom decor or calming corners - spaces tailored specifically for emotional regulation breaks.

Incorporated into differing contexts such as circle time activities, sensory and movement breaks or transitions between tasks; teachers can seamlessly dovetail these materials into existing routines or curricula. Furthermore, they come handy during special circumstances like rainy day activities providing respite during those sudden indoor recess energy spurts!

Mental Health Rewards:

"The mental benefits deriving from mindfulness exercises are well-documented scientifically."
Listed are few significant outcomes:
  1. Brighter emotions across young minds while alleviating anxiety and stress
  2. Toning down impulsiveness thereby reinforcing attention spans
  3. Promoting enhanced memory concentration capabilities which bolster academic achievement
  4. Cultivation of self-discipline traits
These traceable shapes work towards steadying emotions amongst students while reducing anxiety and stress.

The bottom line

"Aesthetically appealing and highly functional, this resource is a diamond in any educator's toolkit!"

Suitable for both individual use and small to large group engagements makes it adaptable and effective. Teachers or parents can utilize this PDF resource as an efficient means to engender calmness, focus, and mindfulness among young learners.

What's Included

12 Different Rainbow Spiral Breathing Activity Cards

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mindfulness breathing exercises social emotional learning self-regulation skills calming techniques rainbow mindfulness spiral breathing

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