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Multiplication Charts Hands-On

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Multiplication Charts Hands-On Tool Overview

This educational resource is meticulously designed for aiding children who are trying to master multiplication tables. Primarily suitable for educators, it consists of multiple blank charts that focus on different aspects such as:

  • Multiplication Chart A: Showcases multiplication tables from 1-5, with multipliers between 1-5.

  • Multiplication Chart B: Features numbers from 1-5 using multipliers within the range of 6-10.

  • Multiplication Chart C & D: Cater to advanced skills by switching the number line to 6-10, keeping two sets of multiplier ranges like the previous ones.

The tools aim at an interactive learning experience and provide hands-on pieces that represent the product of multiplication. For maximum engagement and convenience in teaching methods, educators can choose among three designs: black borders, colored borders coordinated with Montessori bead bars or no borders at all!

Included Answer Keys

This resource includes dedicated answer keys for every chart making verification and correction a breeze infallibly speeding up routine tasks.

Different Usage Methods

  1. The Multiplication Chart can be utilized either in individual or group activities. Learners place cut-out pieces (preferably laminated) onto their game boards (also laminated). This functions both as practice and assessment method.

  2. You can also utilise these as traditional worksheets. Students manually write down product values into chart slots on printed paper copies.

  3. Likewise can be turned out into reusable worksheets via lamination procedure where students employ dry erase markers to note down answers - print out blank charts onto paper or cardstock material accordingly first!

While this hands-on activity file has been mapped according to grades 2 through 5 progressions across numerical exercises into high-level classes may also benefit from it!

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