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Anxiety & Worry | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior | SEL Lesson

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About This Product

Anxiety & Worry Interactive Book/Printable Behavior SEL Lesson

The Anxiety & Worry Interactive Book/Printable Behavior SEL Lesson is a unique educational tool designed to help children struggling with anxiety and worry. This product uses an interactive, engaging approach that turns students into the main characters of the story as they answer questions, color, draw and learn helpful coping strategies.

Key Features:
  • Target age range: 7-12 years old
  • Particularly useful for specialized education settings such as Resource Room classes
  • Covers topics like Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Social Skills development, and Life Skills training
  • Versatility in implementation across different settings– from whole-group classroom instruction to small-group or one-to-one sessions

Instructor's Guide Included:

Educators are provided with clear and simple instructions on how to use this product effectively as an intervention strategy for anxiety during regular classroom lessons or counseling sessions.

Technical Specifications:
  • File Type: PDF
  • Included Components:
    • Fully-printable social story book
    • ,
    • Differential half-page print-outs ,
    • A supportive discussion guide

    Usibility extends beyond conventional classrooms; it can be efficiently used at a calm corner in class or at home, offering consistency in dealing with emotional challenges faced by students between Grades 3-6.

    This resource is not just informative but also personal – proving itself an irreplaceable asset while maintaining academic rigor amidst nurturing and empathetic learning environments. The aim is not only to reactively respond but proactively teach children how to navigate any future obstacles they might encounter. Simply put, it's an investment in our young learners' future.

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