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My Inside Weather Feelings Lesson

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About This Product

In this product, there is a 2-minute video ebook read aloud of My Inside Weather by Jen Thorpe, Lara Berge, and Emma Beckett. The authors give full permission to post this read-aloud. There is a 10 page PowerPoint presentation that can be uploaded to your drive for a Google Slides presentation. This contains the ebook read aloud (click on the picture of the book on slide 2), There are transition animations on many of the slides, and students are encouraged to share their feelings. Also, there is a 6 page Weather Feelings book students can fill out, a color Inside Weather Feelings sheet, and a black and white Inside Weather Feelings coloring sheet. The extension documents are in PDF format.

What's Included

You will download the ZIP file and receive a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation with a video read aloud of me reading the My Inside Weather Feelings book, a 6 page (with color) weather sheet PDF, a black and white inside weather coloring sheet, and a weather feelings check in sheet (color) for students to check in about their feelings.

Resource Tags

feelingspowerpointcoloring sheetsSELsocial-emotional learning

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