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New School Would You Rather Game

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About This Product

New School Would You Rather Game: An engaging resource for the new academic year

New School Would You Rather Game is an exciting, fully interactive teaching tool designed to make the back-to-school transition enjoyable for students of all grade levels. This game stimulates participation and conversation through decision-making scenarios about life in a new school environment.

The game provides:

  • 18 interactive slides, offering two distinct options for students to choose from
  • A tool to learn about student preferences, fear or expectations regarding the new school year
  • Versatility with adaptability in full class discussions, small group work or one-on-one sessions
  • A user-friendly PowerPoint format designed for easy integration into lesson plans
  • S
  • Picture prompts that represent various aspects of school life such as choosing between being a class president or class clown.
    Which not only takes them through hypothetical situations but also gives an insight into different roles within their learning environment.
An Additional Tool for Teachers:

Furthermore, there is a customizable blank slide provided. This allows teachers to tailor discussions based on specific classroom needs and dynamics. The opportunity to create scenarios based on firsthand knowledge of their classes' preferences makes the sessions more relatable and boosts overall engagement levels while helping overcome anxiety related to adjusting in a new academic setting after holidays.

In conclusion, New School Would You Rather Game proves itself as an essential tool for educators looking to effectively manage both the excitement leftover from holiday breaks and apprehension connected with transitioning into academics after long periods away from school.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 18 interactive slides

Resource Tags

School transition Back-to-school Decision-making Student engagement Social-emotional learning

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