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NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Store Relational Vocabulary and Inferences



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About This Product

The pet theme continues with this interactive vocabulary and inferences language unit, which takes place in a virtual Pet Shop. First, taking the seven different pets from NO PRINT Pet Care Language - Listening Comprehension (dog, cat, bunny, mouse, fish, parrot, and hermit crab), the student can match the correct comparative/superlative to the appropriate pet of a given pair. There are also pairs of items that can be found in a pet store for expressive comparing and contrasting. Second, students can test their vocabulary knowledge by "buying up antonyms" and getting a "supply of synonyms." In the antonyms section, a vocabulary word is given on a "credit card" and the student must find the matching antonym. Likewise, in the synonyms section, a vocabulary word is given on a scoop of food and the students must find the matching bowl. Last, seven friends have decided which pet they will purchase from the pet store. It's up to your students to determine which pet they have picked based on context clues!

What makes this activity interactive and user-friendly? Use the home page to navigate through the different sections. A "home" button allows you to return to the home page at any point. You can also use the forward and back arrows to navigate through each section. Each section has built-in links that will move you forward as you select the appropriate answers.

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

Included in this unit:

44 receptive comparative/superlative questions

10 expressive compare/contrast pairs of objects

20 stimuli for antonyms

20 stimuli for synonyms

7 inference short passages, game style

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