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Non-Fiction Early Reader: Skiing Unit

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Non-Fiction Early Reader: Skiing Unit

Welcome to an exhilarating educational package designed to stimulate reading interest amongst young learners. Titled Non-Fiction Early Reader: Skiing Unit, this resource enhances learning by incorporating real-world photographs alongside informative text.

What's Included?

  • A wealth of teacher guides: This valuable toolkit includes themed words, comprehension concepts, and thoughtful text questions embedded with essential reading tips.
  • Different Reading Levels: Catering to the diverse proficiency levels present in a learning environment, our unit accommodates both insightful readers as well as those just beginning their literacy journey.
  • Skiing themes for Language arts skills development: Use it versatilely for whole classroom teaching sessions or small activity group discussions or even designate it as homework! All while boosting language arts skills from grades 1-4.

Add-On Materials

In addition, enjoy our tailored posters and worksheets based on skiing themes. We've also included tracking sheets into our unit - an excellent tool for recording progress in real-time!

The Teaching Approach Design

An essential aspect is the operation tuition – systematically segmenting informative text such as table of contents, subtopics, headings that combined will elevate your teaching approach whilst keeping it engaging.

In conclusion...
  1. The Lexile levelled booklets about skiing,
  2. Educative parent handouts,
  3. Dedicated theme word sound cards and student booklets ready for completing by budding authors!
This all culminates into an enchanting escapade downhill skiing through the language arts world!

What's Included

83-page PDF

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Non-Fiction Early Reader Skiing Language Arts Literacy

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