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Nonfiction Text Features: Photographs and Illusions Lesson

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

Ezee 101
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This resource is a Nonfiction Text Features: photographs and illustrations Lesson. A short and sweet lesson to introduce or recap the nonfiction text features; photographs and illustrations. This lesson aims to keep students engaged and interacting through class discussions and activities. Students will apply reading, creative thinking, problem-solving, and more as they work through these interactive slides.

The objective of these lessons is to provide an introduction or recap of the nonfiction text features; photographs and illustrations. These lessons are aimed and creating a concrete understanding of the concepts through various activities as well as class discussions. Students will learn all about captions and labels, and how to identify and apply them on their own. Class discussions and practice activities are included for students to apply their knowledge.

There are lesson slides and student slides; the lesson slides can be presented to students as an introduction or recap lesson of the concepts. The lesson slides are animated as well as have speaker notes. Student slides can be given to students to complete during the lesson or as homework after the lesson. There are 2 different presentations - 1 for the lesson and 1 answer slide presentation.

These slides are made through Google Slides an animations may work better through Google Slides.

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