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Number & Operations: Multiplication & Division - FLASH-PC

Number & Operations: Multiplication & Division - FLASH-PC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Multiplication & Division - FLASH-PC

This teaching tool has been crafted for students at levels ranging from Grade 3, Grade 4, to Grade 5 and covers the core mathematics subjects of multiplication and division. The resource aligns seamlessly with curriculum standards and supplements traditional classroom learning.

  • The teaching program starts with a carefully designed pre-assessment that feeds into engaging lesson plans aimed at providing clarity in mathematical concepts.
  • A key feature of this resource is the application of multiplication and division concepts through word problems that simulate real-world situations.

Fostering Proficiency Through Practice:

In order to become proficient, students need extensive practice. Timed drill activities comprised within this package test both speed and accuracy. A detailed teacher guide further supports this aim providing step-by-step guidance for every topic covered.

Interactive Learning Games:

Ditching conventional monotonous methods of teaching math, FLASH-PC resource integrates interactive games such as memory match game, a spinner game,, along with an exciting board game which encourages student participation during class hours individually or in small groups.

Language Accessibility:

The product offers English voice-over instructions/texts followed by Spanish alternatives accommodating learners irrespective of their primary language spoken at home or school environment settings; thus making it comprehensive enough to handle homework assignments and parent-student interactive learning sessions at home.

  • No additional software or specific file types needed for operation making it user-friendly and universally compatible!
Holistic Mathematics Acumen Enhancement:

With our goal being refinement in a student's foundational knowledge regarding multiplication & division, FLASH-PC serves as an indispensable tool for educators. It can function as a standalone course material or supplement existing lesson plans depending on individual classroom needs. This comprehensive resource encapsulates multifaceted educational dimensions thereby ensuring that teaching remains interesting and fruitful session after session.

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