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Pastel Rainbow Mindful Breathing Activity Poster Great for Classroom Decor and Calming Corners

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About This Product

The Rainbow Mindful Breathing Activity Poster is a soothing rainbow-themed printable designed to teach self-regulation techniques to early learners. This resource focuses on building mindfulness and coping skills in children through simple breathing exercises. The brightly-colored poster provides prompts for young students to follow as they practice deep breathing, visualization, and focus. Educators can utilize this tool during morning meetings, small group lessons, or display it as décor in calming corners. Whether used at school, home, or in therapeutic settings, the rainbow breathing poster helps cement self-soothing habits. With its cheery rainbow motif and clear textual cues, this poster simplifies abstract breathing concepts for grades K-5. Teachers seeking to expand social-emotional offerings will find this quick and budget-friendly resource effective for enhancing their SEL curriculum and environment. Its simple design and directions give children of all abilities concrete steps for remaining centered and calm.

What's Included

One Zipped Folder with following high-resolution 300 DPI JPG files:

✨ 5 x 7

✨ 8.5 x 11

✨ 11 x 14

✨ 16 x 20 (can be sized down to 8 x 10)

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