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Phonics First - Grades 2-4

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Phonics First - Grades 2-4: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

Phonics First - Grades 2-4 provides an in-depth exploration of phonics, particularly designed for students in second to fourth grades. This tool combines instructive content with activities focusing on the structure of words and their transformations with different beginnings and endings.

Linguistic Concepts Covered:

  • Contractions
  • Possessives
  • Compound Words
  • Syllable Division/Recognition
  • The Use of Prefixes and Suffixes
Note:This resource also pays equal attention to dictionary spellings and markings, making it versatile in its approach.

Beyond just helping students recognize words, Phonics First stimulates word construction capability among learners. This is achieved thanks to a multifaceted approach toward each concept.

An Engaging Learning Process:

In line with children’s learning styles, this product incorporates engaging pictures throughout that serve as motivation. Additionally, a mix of tracing, writing tasks meet coloring assignments providing varied engagement that nurtures full participation from the learners.

Mix of Activities Included:
  1. Cutting-pasting exercises
  2. Matching tasks
  3. Puzzles.

    Note:To reinforce acquired skills, review pages are included where educators can lead practice sessions or assign homework tasks based on these modules.

    To keep momentum high till the end an awards page has been tucked away at the end for exceptional motivation. Apart from being a reliable independent instructional material it can also be used as regular practice reinforcement across Language Arts curriculum focusing on Phonics sub-subject area.

    Versatile Compatibility:

    Delivered in easy-to-use PDF format, this resource is usable across numerous devices. This eases classroom teachers’ tasks and meets the needs of home-schooling parents looking for resources to make learning an engaging experience.

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