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Phonics for 1st and 2nd Grade: Help Students Learn Long E Words: EE, EA, E_E, and Y

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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Learning how to read can be the most challenging activity for students and for a teacher. Understanding that the combination of letters can make the same vowel sound requires lots of repetitive practice of reading and writing these words with these sounds.

This unit focuses only on the Long E sounds. There are other phonics units that I sell that focuses on each of the long vowels with a combination of different letters.

Reading can be made easier with these phonic helps that repeatedly encourage students to practice these Long E sounds.

Activities include
- Reading comprehension and identifying the Long E in their reading,
- Writing their answers to questions regarding the paragraph,

  • - Identifying additional Long E words in sentences using a word bank,
    - Matching words with pictures, spinning a paperclip activity where students will write the word with the Long E sound,
    - and lastly a fun wordsearch with variations of Long E words.

These activities are for each long vowel words that are focused on the Long E sounds so there are plenty of opportunities for students to practice their comprehension reading skills and phonic sounds.

Students will practice the following Long E Word sounds: EE, EA, E_E, and Y.  Teachers can use this resource in whole group, individually with students, students can practice with each other in centers, or these worksheets can be assigned as homework.

Worksheets are also differentiated for each Long E sounds for all young learners which makes it perfect for all 1st - 2nd graders.

What's Included

A total of 27 pages full of reading and phonic activities. Along with reading and writing, there are matching, cutting, and pasting activities. Word searches and spin and make a word activity are also a part of this packet which make learning to read these phonic sounds entertaining for young learners.

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