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R Blends Read and Reveal Blending Cards

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Allow students to independently practice blending and reading words with R blends with these beginning blends Read and Reveal Cards! Teachers will love the independent nature of these cards! The self-correcting feature on the cards allow students to check their reading.

What is Included:

There are 64 words with R blends included in this packet. Included in the packet are illustrated directions on how to put the cards together.

How to Use:

Students will get a card from the pile. Students will practice reading the word on the card, using the dots and arrows as a finger guide to reading the word. Once they feel confident that they know the word they read, they will open the card to reveal a picture of the word they read.

When to Use:

  • Literacy Center - Students can work independently or with a partner to read these words

  • Morning Tub or Basket - The cards can be placed in a morning bin for students to work on as students arrive to class.

  • Small Group Activity - The teacher can choose a small group of students or a specific group of words for students to work on in a small group setting with the teacher.

The fact that the teacher can easily choose which words to include inside a center or activity, allows the teacher to easily differentiate this activity for her students. The bold, colorful, easy to recognize pictures allow students to complete this center independently, by providing pictures they should already recognize that match the words they are practicing to read.

The cards do require some prep work to put together, but once created, they will provide a long term center or activity for your classroom. They need to be printed, cut apart and folding into thirds to create the read and reveal nature of this activity.

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