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Unit Rate Digital Self-Checking Activity

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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

Unit Rate Digital Self-Checking Activity

The Unit Rate Digital Self-Checking Activity is designed to make the learning of math more interactive, fun, and meaningful. This versatile resource can easily integrate with any existing math curriculum or study plan and aims to help students grasp the concept of finding unit rates.

Using an imaginative lottery-ticket theme, this digital activity engages learners with self-checking features. Students interactively answer questions related to unit rates and are rewarded by revealing parts of a digital scratch-off card each time they answer correctly.

The presence of a lucky horseshoe next to correct answers provides immediate positive reinforcement, while incorrect answers are signaled by a red marker, prompting students for further adjustment or consultation with their teacher.
  • To meet the unique needs and preferences of various students as individuals or groups, this resource allows flexibility in usage. Teachers can employ it as an enticing morning warm-up task for stimulating learners' minds from the beginning of their day or as captivating homework assignments that maintain learning engagement outside classroom timeframes.
  • In addition to classroom settings, it works well for distance learning platforms too.
  • You could include it as part your bell-ringer activities in introducing new lessons while keeping novelty enthralled amongst learners.

Or perhaps use it as an exit ticket method where student’s understanding could be assessed at lesson ends seamlessly playing its part in shaping future instructions effectively aligned with student mastery levels. Given its engaging design that centers on both procedural and conceptual understanding of finding unit rate calculations inherent to fractions sub-subjects within Grade 6 and 7 Math syllabuses – incorporating creative thought processes beyond rote memorizing into practical contexts - teachers would find this tool versatile even under exam review scopes or targeted practice sessions.

One particularly useful aspect is that there's no additional preparation needed upon securing access from Google Drive onto various Learning Management Systems compatible platforms - absolutely ready-to-go!/ Classroom servers right at fingertips!

Included within this package are:

  • A set of 10 diverse find unit rate questions over Google Sheet
  • An answer key for teacher’s convenience
  • Interactive student recording sheets alongside accessible instructional guidelines for both educators and learners to ensure the most constructive utilization.

If estimated completion duration being about 45 minutes, this resource has been thoughtfully structured by experienced educators to strike a balance between maintaining active learning interest without overwhelming students – making the journey of mastering unit rates nothing short of fun-filled explorations.

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

10 find unit rate questions in a Google Sheet

Student Recording Sheet

Teacher Answer Key

Teacher & Student Instructions

Total Pages

3 pages

Teaching Duration 45 minutes

Resource Tags

math unit rates digital activity self-checking interactive

1 Reviews

Jessica Phillips | January 10th 2024

There is only an answer key, no original blank one for students. :(

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