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Resolving Conflicts -An SEL Hyperdoc

Resolving Conflicts -An SEL Hyperdoc
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

In this hyperdoc, students will explore the steps to resolving conflicts. They will be learning and interacting with this document. There are 4 main sections to this document: 1) Read & Learn, 2) Explore, 3) Think & Respond, and 4) Apply. Students will be offered choices about learning about the topic from a variety of resources including one Videolink video, a Brainpop video, and an article to read. They will answer questions within this document. They will apply what they learned in the last section. See Screenshots for the flow of the hyperdoc. Hyperdocs can be done in class, assigned as homework, or assigned in a remote learning class. ***Please be sure to click on the different Google docs within the hyperdoc before sending them to students and create your own copy of this for your school's domain.

What's Included

You will download the PDF with an embedded Google Doc link and click on the image just below the title. Then you will be prompted to make a copy of the hyperdoc.

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