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Resolving Conflicts -An SEL Hyperdoc

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Life Skills


Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Resolving Conflicts – An SEL Hyperdoc: A Dynamic Digital Learning Tool

This is a brilliant multi-faceted teaching tool created to guide students ranging from Grade 4 to 9 through the fundamentals of conflict resolution. It's tailored for special resources and life studies subjects with a focus on building life skills.

Key Features

  • Read & Learn: This section kickstarts the learning journey by providing informational resources such as Videolink and Brainpop videos and an engaging article.
  • Explore: Interactive learning is propelled in this segment, making it ideal for remote classes or individual assignments.
  • Think & Respond: Offering a space for learners to illustrate their understanding directly within the document, aiding educators in progress evaluation.
  • Apply: Here, students are prompted to apply what they've learned by proposing solutions to realistic scenarios.

The hyperdoc adapts well to both large-scale class instruction and smaller study groups. It also bears scope for customization by educators which helps align the content with their school ethos or regulations. Thus making education more personalized and relatable.`

Note: The document comes as a PDF file hosting an integrated Google doc link so it can be conveniently shared across various platforms. Please remember , prior distributing tasks from this hyperdoc publically, go through all linked google docs inside the original hyperdoc ensuring smooth dissemination among pupils.

To Conclude...

In essence, Resolving Conflicts – An SEL Hyperdoc fosters simplified instruction while honing student's conflict resolution prowess - Definitely worth an addition into your educational resource toolbox!

What's Included

You will download the PDF with an embedded Google Doc link and click on the image just below the title. Then you will be prompted to make a copy of the hyperdoc.

Resource Tags

conflict resolution social-emotional learning digital tool interactive learning critical thinking

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