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Scratch: Thumbnails and More! (Game Mechanics #7)

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About This Product

Scratch: Thumbnails and More! (Game Mechanics #7)

A comprehensive teaching resource, specifically designed to nurture game development skills through the Scratch programming language. This indispensable tool provides multiple guides along with examples that aid learners in building out complex facets of their projects.

In this magnificent set, students are exposed to diverse techniques such as:

  • Fashioning a custom thumbnail for their Scratch project
  • Crafting a compelling visual trail for their cursor
  • Notably, displaying the current time based on the computer's local settings.

This element incites intrigue and conveys just how applicable coding concepts can translate into practical real-world applications.

Suitable For Diverse Learning Settings

A versatile curriculum perfect for grade levels 3-10. Excellent compatibility allows this resource to be incorporated into any science program emphasising on computer studies. Additionally, it is user-friendly across varying teaching platforms; right from whole group discussions to independent study groups or even as delightful homework assignments enriching at-home experiences.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Note that prior knowledge of Scratch will optimize utilization of this resource package. It aims at educating learners further regarding niche techniques within game development. In doing so, it hones creativity while consolidating core competencies.
Digital Friendly Material Format

The module comes in easy-to-use PDF format aiding educators in effortlessly integrating these activities onto digital platforms or printing them as physical handouts depending upon learner preference.

Gear up and dive straight into exciting realms where leisure merges seamlessly with learning using our Scratch: Thumbnails and More!(Game Mechanics #7), assisting young digital pioneers blazing trails into exciting virtual worlds through coding.

What's Included

Step by step guide and examples for Scratch game development.

Resource Tags

Scratch Game development Thumbnails Mouse trail Coding

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