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Smart Cookie Game! (A fast paced fun game!)

Smart Cookie Game! (A fast paced fun game!)
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About This Product

In this Smart Cookie game, students try and race each other to be the first one to guess the answer based on one at a time clues after one at a time clicks via Presentation mode on Google Slides. This is based on the wildly popular game Smart A** but more applicable and relevant to elementary-high schoolers. I have included many references to popular t.v. shows and famous people the students born after 2001 would know.

This is a trivial pursuit-like game but more fun and students feel more successful. It is just for fun and perfect for Zoom, in person, advisory, an ice breaker, or indoor recess but they might even learn something!

There are 3 categories in this Smart Cookie game:

- Who Am I? - Where Am I?, and - What Am I? There are 42 slides for each category. Use in Presentation mode for your class. There are answer sheets at the end for each card so the Game Leader can reference quickly and keep track of the cards used.

Click on the image once you download the PDF-the link is embedded in the image.

What's Included

This Smart Cookie game is a 137 Slide Presentation Very Fun Game!

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