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Smart Cookie Game! (A fast paced fun game!)

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About This Product

Product Description:

The Smart Cookie Game! is an engaging activity that helps students exercise their comprehension and strategizing skills in a fast-paced environment. Appropriate for classes from grade 5 up to grade 12, this game manages to make learning appealing while aligning well with curricular goals.

Built on the principle of the popular game, "Smart A**", it has been adapted to provide relevance and relatability for students post-2001 by including elements of pop culture like TV shows and famous personalities.

Educational Benefits:

  • Promotes student's comprehension abilities
  • Fosters a sense of success
  • Boosts morale in the classroom setting—online or physical class alike

This version uses three categories: Who Am I?, Where Am I? and What am I? With each category containing 42 challenges spread across multiple slides (total slide count—137 slides presentation!). You get access to all these once you download our attached PDF file.

Versatile Usage:

  • Ideal as an ice-breaker at the start of class or during indoor recess periods.
  • Suitable for group challenges or individual homework assignments where clues are deciphered over time.

A detailed answer sheet, provided at games end, assists educators effectively maintain flow whilst ensuring non-repetition of used cards.

In conclusion, invite engagement today with this amalgamation of fun and learning—Smart Cookie Game! An interactive educational resource.

What's Included

This Smart Cookie game is a 137 Slide Presentation Very Fun Game!

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