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Spanish: Era La Víspera de Navidad eBook

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

About the eBook

Era La Víspera de Navidad eBook is a delightful educational tool aimed at public school teachers and homeschoolers offering instruction for Kindergarten to third grade students. The book offers an appealing way to celebrate Christmas while encouraging language learning.

The book skillfully translates Clement Clarke Moore's cherished 1823 poem, The Night Before Christmas, into Spanish, immersing scholars in a story abundant with rich images and rhyme.

Perfect Integration into Any Curriculum

This eBook can seamlessly supplement your regular curriculum. It can serve as an entertaining read-aloud session for the whole group or be used in small group reading activities. Homeschoolers may find it useful for self-paced learning or as part of their daily reading assignments. The resource comes as a .zip file consisting of both book and audio, making it adaptable to cater to specific student needs.

Educational Value for Diversified Classrooms
  • Cultural Awareness: This eBook helps foster cultural understanding around global celebrations.
  • Linguistic Competency: It significantly aids in building linguistic competencies across barriers, especially beneficial for English Language Learners.
In Conclusion...

A successful educational tool sparks curiosity while promoting thorough learning - aspects that this eBook personifies honestly and fruitfully without giving up the joy aspect. Imploring Era La Víspera de Navidad into your teaching activities promises not just language enrichment but also rewarding returns from shared joy around timeless tales during this holiday season.

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

Resource Tags

Spanish language Christmas Kindergarten through third grade teaching resource bilingual

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