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Spring PowerPoint; 44 Slides

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About This Product

This 44-slide PowerPoint will help you to celebrate spring with your children!

Beautiful photos take children around and about, drawing their attention to many aspects of spring.

Young children will be delighted by the original photos portraying all aspects of spring.

From lengthening days, to plants, to baby animals this Spring PowerPoint will give the teacher plenty of stimulating material to explore many different aspects of spring. There is so much to learn!

Who can use the Spring PowerPoint?

Anyone with young children or those with special needs: teachers, parents, home-educators (it is great for home-ed meetings).

It can be used as a stand-alone activity, or as part of a project on spring.

What is taught in the Spring PowerPoint?

Many aspects of spring are covered in the Spring PowerPoint. These include:

•Length of day




•Growing seeds


•Baby animals




What is included?

One PowerPoint and full narration notes are provided

There is some writing on most slides which children can read, or which can be read to them, but the accompanying, PDF, narration notes provide more detail. Of course, the teacher can enlarge upon the notes, bring in personal anecdotes, or remind the children of lessons already learned, so helping the children to relate what they are learning to their own experiences.

I love spring and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking photos for the creation of this PowerPoint. I hope you love it too!

See beautiful flowers, cute lambs, a bird in her nest, blossom trees and more.

Learn something about the fascinating life of insects and how they help the flowers by pollinating them.

If you like this PowerPoint, please tell others!

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What's Included

One PowerPoint and full narration notes are provided

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