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There's A Friendly Alien On Earth (3-7 years)

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About This Product

There's A Friendly Alien On Earth (3-7 Years)

This product is an invaluable teaching resource, perfect for a wide range of educators - from public school teachers to homeschooling parents. Its unique ability to capture the attention of children aged 3-7 years through an exciting, interactive story experienced on a digital platform makes it a fundamental tool in the current hybrid learning environment.

The story can be added directly to your Google Drive and follows the charming character, Zoggy - an adorable alien who arrives on Earth and becomes close friends with Dan, a young boy. The story introduces core themes such as respect and acceptance, regardless of each other's differences - fostering strong values within young learners.

  • Teachers can share this interactive story: Via Google Classroom or project it for group readings using an interactive whiteboard.
  • Educational discussions: It serves as great material for initiating small group discussions about societal values or personal feelings represented in the narrative.
  • Harness reading skills:: Assign segments of the narrative as individual reading tasks or homework assignments; this not only enhances literacy skills but also reinforces moral lessons rooted in the plotline.

Zoggy’s adventures can become great features bookending classroom sessions which continuously reiterate socio-emotional themes and boost language arts proficiency among students during their primary educational years (preschool levels up until Grade 2).

A seamless companion to Language Arts and Pre-Reading subjects – There's A Friendly Alien On Earth holds relevance across diverseacademic pursuitsandformats within classrooms countrywide. Allowing files in PDF format amplifies its potential for easy distribution among digitally connected learners irrespective of their physical locations.

Additionally, the novel is perfectly complemented by ‘Mission Spelling Zero’, a phonics-based reading and spelling curriculum that encompasses writing exercises. It allows pupils to practice handwriting skills while immersing in their educational games simultaneously.

In final thoughts – whether it is arranging readings within small groups during class time, instigating lively discussions about acceptance at circle time or assigning individual reflectivereading tasks for home – There's A Friendly Alien On Earth makes for an effective asset in any educator’s teaching approaches.

What's Included

36 pages

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interactive story inclusivity values language arts phonic reading handwriting skills

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