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There's A Lost Alien In The Wood (3-7 years)

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About This Product

There's A Lost Alien In The Wood: A Remarkable Teaching Resource

This is a standout teaching resource designed specifically for educators targeting young learners from ages 3 to 7. This digital storybook perfectly combines the delight of storytelling with key life lessons, proving to be an indispensable addition in any classroom, be it public or homeschools.

You can effortlessly add this tool straight into your Google Drive and shared seamlessly through Google Classroom. It serves as an interactive whiteboard-ready material that aligns well with modern education methods.

Narrative Focus

The tale loops around the likeable alien - Zoggy, who finds himself alone and frightened in a gloomy forest after trying to hide from humans. The narrative provides a framework for educators to broach important topics such as fear, getting lost and seeking help - concepts young students may face early in their lives.

Moreover, this resource fosters inclusivity by showcasing Zoggy's attempts at fitting into Earth society. His journey includes tackling emotions like anxiety & fear while also finding acceptance & love despite his unique alien make up.

Besides acting as a standalone product, it also ties conveniently into 'Mission Spelling Zero', another offering within the series that introduces phonics-based reading and spelling schemes featuring Zoggy himself.
  • Educators have various methods available for implementation:
    • As part of group reading sessions stirring class discussions,
    • In small group activities where themes are explored together or;
    • Assigned as homework stimulating reflection outside classroom hours too!
    • .

Taking into consideration its suitability for various teaching approaches and content with important life skills - There's A Lost Alien In The Wood, stands as not only an engaging but an effective tool appreciated by educators and young learners alike.

What's Included

34 pages

Resource Tags

Alien Storytelling Life lessons Inclusivity Phonics

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