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Tips to Calm Down Poster- 8 Techniques to Help Students Calm Down

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About This Product

Do you students often enter the room escalated? Do you need to teach them some strategies they can use to calm themselves down? Use the 8 Calm-Down Strategies listed on this poster to assist your students in calming down.

After teaching the strategies to your students, display the poster in your classroom. This can be a place students visit when they need a moment to de-escalate!

This would be a great addition to any calming-corner!

This poster is best fit for ages 8 and up (the strategies could be used for younger students; you would just need to read the poster aloud to them!)

Display this poster in your classroom, counseling office, therapy office, etc!

The 8 Strategies listed on the poster are:

  1. Count to Five

  2. Take a Deep Breath

  3. Tapping Exercises

  4. Place Hands in Pockets

  5. Acknowledge what makes you Angry

  6. Make a Fist, then Relax the Hand

  7. Do a Body Scan

  8. Tell Someone what you Need

How this has helped me in my classroom--

I generally teach the strategies listed on this poster in the beginning of the school year. Then, I show the students where the poster is displayed, and teach the expectations surrounding what it would look like if I send them over to the poster to "calm-down". We have a calm-down corner in our classroom (an area where students can go, sit in the comfy area, and use one of the many calming tools available to them) and this is where the poster is displayed. Then, students scan the poster to remind them of the 8 strategies we have already talked about. They pick the one they remember liking the best. Then, then turn over the timer (we have a three-minute sand timer in the calming corner), and they engage with this strategy for the three minutes. Once the three minutes are up, if the student feels better, they fill out a form and return to their desk. If they are not ready to return to their desk, there is a list of things we require them to do next. Basically, this is the first step in a preventative behavior plan-- an attempt to stop bad behaviors before they even happen!

For more ideas or information on this product, feel free to email me at!

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