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Understanding Social Distancing, Social Skills Story

Understanding Social Distancing, Social Skills Story
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About This Product

Understanding Social Distancing: A Social Skills Story

This invaluable educational aide is crafted to aid students, particularly those in kindergarten through grade 5, in grasping the concept of social distancing. It aims at demystifying this term which has become a necessary part of our daily lexicon.

Resource Description

The product brings clarity and comprehension to children who may be puzzled or anxious about what it truly entails. The teaching resource is comprised of:

  • An 8-page social story that discusses the subject in plain language suitable for young learners.
  • Two options for cover pages and one additional interior page choice to increase diversity and representation.
  • An information source on each page offering insights into the essence and significance of social distancing.

Interactive Approach

This depiction is interactive enough to nurture engagement both inside and outside a formal classroom setting. Learners can use it:

  1. In small group discussions where they can inquire about each page’s content while enabling peer-based learning.
  2. During independent activities such as reading sessions exploring why we sometimes require distance with people around us due to health reasons. In home assignments; re-reading & cognizing information availed earlier during school hours.
  3. Learners get home-based reinforcement through rereading & digesting information they received earlier during school sessions.
Note: Understanding Social Distancing - A Social Skills Story primarily works within Life skills framework under Special Resources subject category but finds use across various diverging topics given its modern relevance & universal appeal today due largely defined by COVID-19 pandemic implications. The file has been packaged in the universally compatible PDF form for easy accessibility on varied computing devices that educators widely utilize nowadays.


In conclusion: Understanding Social Distancing - A Social Skills Story isn't merely an education tool; it equips our children with a reality-based understanding, conditioning their demeanor in the social milieu during these testing times.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 12 Pages

> 8 Page Social Story {2 Covers to Choose From and an additional page choice inside the story for increased diversity}

Resource Tags

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