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"World War II No. 1", Regents US History Short Essays,

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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

World War II No. 1: A US History Teaching Resource

This teaching resource, titled World War II No. 1, is an essential supplement for short essays in US History classes, specifically designed for secondary United States history covering grades 10 to 12. This resource serves as tool to nurture and guide students' historical document analysis skills focusing on placing documents within their proper historical context and appraising the factors affecting their reliability.

The product aligns with New York State Regents examination format in United States History and Government, part II. It is structured much like a CRQ (Constructed Response Questions) found in tenth-grade Global Regents examinations; challenging students to understand texts, appropriately place them within a historical framework and evaluate reliability.

Structure & Content

  • World War II No. 1 features Stimulus-Based Short-Essay Questions modeled after the new New York State Regents exam format in United States History and Government (Framework).
  • The structure comprises two sets of paired documents with accompanying prompts mirroring the prototype examination provided by NYSED in June 2019.
  • The essay tasks are purely from primary sources which offers genuine insight when examining past events closely resembling techniques used by historians.
  • The focus lies on establishing connections between events or ideas within those document pairs through understanding cause/effect, noting similarities/differences or pinpointing significant turning points.
  • A key approach includes analyzing audience perspective, understanding purpose bias indication or point-of-view affecting whether the document could be considered as a reliable piece of evidence from history's vantage point.

Educational Strategy & Grading Rubric

  • Routinely assigning tasks followed by constructive feedback sessions where learners can assess peer work anonymously setting the stage for learning enhancement through collective inputs.
  • Each question follows a strict rubric based on five clear grading points, aimed at developing deeper student understanding and evoking stronger responses.

In conclusion, this product comes compiled as a PDF file inclusive of cover sheet, document set 1 and 2 along with the grading rubric. It thus becomes an invaluable resource for any Social Studies or Language Arts curriculum focused on US History and Writing.

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