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Argumentative Writing Lesson

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11

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About This Product

Writing is a skill that students often need thorough supports with. Any time we can implement a detailed writing lesson, we are able to see how beneficial it is to our students. This is an Argumentative Writing Lesson that allows student to learn new knowledge, practice their writing skills and show what they know.


The objective is for students to write a 5-paragraph argumentative essay with the use of counterclaims to support their argument. This resource was designed for middle and high school students.


This presentation will begin by:

--Teaching students about the 4 elements that a good argumentative essay needs.

--Students will learn about the two ways to place counterclaims in a 5-paragrph essay.

--Following a flowchart for deconstructing essays.


Two argumentative essays are included in the presentation that will allow students to analyze the components they have learned about thus far.


Students task is as follows:

“Health Canada is considering banning all food advertisements that are targeted to children and youth up to age 17, that promote unhealthy or non-nutritious foods. You are asked to identify whether you agree that unhealthy, or non-nutritious, food advertisements should be banned from all places that interact with children and youth up to age 17. This would mean on television channels that are usually seen by children and youth, websites that are visited by children and youth, and magazines that are targeted towards children and youth.”


The following slides will allow students space to organize their thoughts from beginning to end.


A success criterion is included.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

An editable 19-slide PowerPoint

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